Leadership soft skills training, 2 year program

This program consists of 6 trimesters over 2 years (3 trimesters per year), focusing on key aspects of the full certification program for modal integrative counselors.

The format of the program is based on bi-weekly mentorship sessions, a focus on highly relevant and state of the art literature and group work within a dedicated class of counselors, therapists and trainee counselors that includes colleagues from the region.

The program draws on the full program for philosophical counselors and modal integrative psychotherapists, which is listed here: https://iph.edu.rs/?page_id=4278

Participants have focused bi-weekly mentoring sessions with a supervisor, combined with lectures delivered in person and online by experts from the region, including professionals in practical leadership, applied ethics, psychiatry and allied professions, through interactive discussions on selected seminar topics.

The individual program is tailored from the above full structure of the program of integrative certification, based on the individual background of the participant. This means that, for example, a participant with mainly psychological background will have a curriculum with more social science and corporate leadership emphasis, while someone with a legal or economic background will have a greater emphasis in their curriculum on psychology and soft leadership skills, such as emotional intelligence, Delphi method for corporate decision making, etc.

All participants become a part of two online groups, IPH members and IPH alumni, where discussions of case material and organizational matters are posted.

All successful participants will receive certification in leadership soft skills which qualifies them, should they choose to do so, to continue towards a full certification for individual and group integrative counseling, outside the quota restrictions that otherwise apply for that certification program.

The program starts in September every year. Applications include a motivation letter and a copy of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Applications should be lodged as early as possible, and at least a month ahead of the start of the program.

For enrolment information, please write to office@iph.edu.rs.