Deep learning training for educators

Deep learning is a perspective and strategy of learning that is based on a combination of psychotherapeutic skills, including the use of projective techniques, and  the innovative use of modal logic in producing outstanding education outcomes in students. It is a unique program offered by IPH starting from March 2024. The program consists of 3 months modules that focus on individual sessions with mentors and group consultations combined with intensive reading and study. Each 3 month module leads to a separate certificate based on specific themes of the module. The full program is two years long and consists of 8 trimestral modules.

The strategies of deep learning are a turning point in generating strong learning curves in studnets within limited time spans, and are the method of choice for the changing nature of secondary and higher education where schools and universities must focus on effectiveness and a contraction of time in an effort to keep up with real life changes in the market for skills and the changing nature of the workforce.

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