3 day online training in negotiation with certificate

How to you negotiate a corporate, organizational, institutional, or personal issue?

What is the cut-off point of negotiation for the other party and how do you determine it?

What role do emotional needs play in any negotiation, how you identify and satisfy them?

Can negotiation become a tool for personal relationship building that benefits the negotiation itself?

What can you use negotiations for, outside the negotiation itself?

What is zero-sum (distributive) and cumulative gain (integrative) negotiation?

All of these topics and skills are covered in a three day (15 hours) intensive program that is delivered online.

The program leads to a certificate in negotiation issued by IPH.

The cost of the program is as follows:

For groups up to 12 participants: $350 per participant.

For groups between 13 and 25 participants: $250 per participant.

Individual programs in negotiation last 6 weeks, with sessions once per week and intensive reading. The successful participants receive a certificate in negotiation as a facilitator. The cost of an individual program is $1500.

For more information or to book please contact: office@iph.edu.rs.