September 7, 2022 By alex

Online training in philosophical psychology and integrative counseling

The Institute for Practical Humanities is offering a 2 year long training program in philosophical psychology for both philosophers and psychologists. The program includes critical reading, group discussions and written examinations at the end of each year, leading to a Certificate in Philosophical Psychology issued by IPH.

Candidates with humanities and social science degrees attend a differential one year program prior to commencing the regular 2 year programme.

Philosophical Psychology qualifies as part of full certification in Integrative Counseling, a 4 year training program leading to a full certification for individual, group and corporate group as integrative counselors. This means that graduates of Philosophical Psychology can continue for another two years towards a full certification as Integrative Counselors, should they choose to to do so.

At the moment, there are just 3 places left. For all information, contact